SQG | SNL Quality Guarantee. The certainty of process continuity

Quality, unconditional and guaranteed. With SNL Group companies, our people are focused on the highest quality. From idea to assembly.

In addition to this, we have, in addition to the official standards, additionally an internal and group-wide quality operation: SNL Quality Guarantee (SQG). We build our own quality controls at each stage of development. These are based on the strictest European standards, requirements and our many years of specialist experience.

But the SQG quality controls continue. Because we want to be absolutely sure of the quality we deliver. We do that for ourselves, but especially for you and the continuity of your processes. Thus, with SQG, we build additional security, reliability and our relationship with you.

At SNL Group everything stands for the highest quality level. It does not matter, however, that it can sometimes be anything different than we have planned or planned in advance. Ultimately, of course, everything remains a human resource.

If unexpected or unwanted issues occur, we will switch immediately. In this way, we can meet the intended quality requirements within the stipulated deadline and within the budget.

At SNL, we can guarantee your process continuity. You can call us there every day. This is also part of the SQG.

Discretion is written in all SNL Group companies with uppercase letters. In our view, discretion is inextricably linked to the highest quality.

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