The history of SNL

Seven branches, more than one hundred and fifty employees, an extensive machine park and five companies all of which are a strong partner in metal. Who had ever thought SNL Group would look like this? Of course, we are proud of where we are now, but we also know how SNL Group has grown over the years to the company it is now. The history of SNL has been back for more than 40 years!

Technical Office Smits

Smits Technical Bureau was founded by Ard Smits's father. The metal processing company settled in Schijndel and performed many assignments. At the age of 25, Frans Lammers, also from Schijndel, started his own company in the metal industry. Together, they performed several projects until these activities were combined in 1998 into one company: Smits and Lammers Machinebouw.


Ard and Frans soon became known as the two boys who can do anything in the field of machine construction. Ard was at his sixth most preferably in the barn behind the lathe, and Frans could weld almost before cycling.

Smits and Lammers grows

In the first years of Smits and Lammers Machinebouw, Ard and Frans were mainly engaged in metal products for internal transport systems, lift systems, and sorting systems. In 2001, a second Smits & Lammers Metal Industry was established. With more and more experience, they actively interact with their clients.

SNL Metal

As of 2010, Smits & Lammers's Metal industry grew fast. In that year, the two companies of Smits & Lammers Metaaltechniek were merged under the name SNL Metal and Hurenkamp Metal was taken over. Hurenkamp Metal continued under the name AMS from that moment on. A year later, STM was acquired and LWM was established in 2012.

Everything in your own house

In the meanwhile, SNL is a partner in the most diverse metal solutions where everything is in-house. From the first plan to engineering, production, testing, assembly and finally maintenance and service.

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